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  • Clutter Cramping Your Style? Here’s How to Get It Under Control!

    So you might not be the neatest person in the world, but that doesn’t mean that you have to deal with clutter cramping the style in your apartment. There are a number of smart, simple ways to de-clutter your space without spending hours cleaning every day. Here are just a few tips for managing the […]

  • Three Uncommon Uses for Dryer Sheets

    From brand-new dryer sheets to used ones straight from the dryer, there are a number of different ways to use dryer sheets around the house. These static-absorbing, fresh smelling sheets are some of the most useful household products you can find, and they’ll even help you in places other than the laundry room. Here are […]

  • Simple DIY Centerpieces and Decorations for Your Next Party

    Planning a party can be expensive, but all it takes is a bit of time and creativity to make DIY decorations that hardly cost a thing. Here are some festive centerpieces and décor ideas that will spice up your next party on a budget. Romantic Table Runner This vintage-inspired table runner is ideal for casual […]