Simple DIY Centerpieces and Decorations for Your Next Party

Planning a party can be expensive, but all it takes is a bit of time and creativity to make DIY decorations that hardly cost a thing. Here are some festive centerpieces and décor ideas that will spice up your next party on a budget.

Romantic Table Runner
This vintage-inspired table runner is ideal for casual weddings, anniversary parties and any other time that you want to add a look of romance to a celebration. By simply attaching antique lace doilies in a haphazard row, you can create a truly custom table runner.

Pennant Bunting
Long strings of retro pennants are some of this year’s most popular décor crazes because they’re so simple to make. Collect some scrap fabric or bunting in colors that match your party’s theme, and then cut them into pennant shapes for a designer-inspired decoration without spending a dime.

Metallic Flower Vases
Turn some old coffee canisters into luxurious centerpieces with the addition of a bit of metallic spray paint. Simply spray the canisters in alternating shades of gold, silver or bronze and fill them with your favorite flowers.

Floating Balloon Vases
For a truly festive birthday party centerpiece, try filling a clear glass vase with colorful mini balloons. Best of all, there’s absolutely no helium required.