How to Care for Your Kitchen Knives

You use your kitchen knives almost every day, from slicing your morning banana to chopping vegetables for dinner at night. Because good knives can be expensive, you likely want to keep them in top working condition. Here are a few simple tips for properly caring for those important cooking knives.

  • Don’t let them soak. It may be tempting to simply toss your knives in with the rest of your soaking dishes, but avoid doing so. This can cause the knife to bend or get scratched, and it can also be dangerous if someone reaches their hand under the water.
  • Don’t run them through the dishwasher. Likewise, the dishwasher can also dent or ding your knives. Instead, wash them thoroughly by hand after every use.
  • Don’t store them in a silverware drawer. This is especially important for renters who might not have much extra space in the kitchen. Instead, invest in a small wooden knife block that you can keep on the counter, or at least use a knife sheath to keep the blade safe.
  • Keep them sharp. In order to get the best results from your knives, you need to sharpen them frequently. Use a honing steel or a knife stone if you’re comfortable doing it yourself, or if you’re not, you can always send them out to be sharpened by a professional.

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