Expand Your Vocabulary With These Free Apps for Apple Devices

Building an expansive vocabulary is beneficial to people in just about any profession. An expansive vocabulary helps you to better communicate thoughts and feelings, and it prevents embarrassment from using a word incorrectly. These helpful apps for your Apple device offer fun, convenient ways to learn new words, even when you’re on the go.

The popular online dictionary website offers an app that features a comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus for looking up unknown words. In addition to its most basic features, the app has a Word of the Day section that displays a new word and its definition every time you log on. Check the app each morning and you’ll improve your vocabulary in no time.

This free app is dedicated to helping users improve their vocabularies through definitions, usage examples and even a recording of the pronunciation for various words every day. If you’re a history buff, you’ll also love the opportunities to learn about the history of each word. Vocab Daily’s simple black and white interface is so easy to use that you can even learn new words while multitasking and doing other things.