Three Equestrian Enthusiast Websites

Riding horses is a beloved pastime for many people around the country, and owning horses is even a way of life in some areas. Whether you’re a longtime horse owner or a beginning rider, these informative and beautiful websites will quickly become your online resources for horseback riding information.

Equestrian Mag
An online magazine designed for the serious equine enthusiast, Equestrian Mag is dedicated to providing the very best information and resources to the riding community. Users can browse the website by riding topics like competition, training, or racing, or even other topics from breeding to diet. Equestrian Mag also contains long-form articles that horse lovers will find interesting and thought provoking.

Horse & Rider
Horse & Rider is one of the most popular print magazines for horse enthusiasts, and its online version is just as helpful. Here, you’ll find horse care guides, riding and training tips, and reviews of the latest tack and apparel items for riders of every focus. The website also contains online extras that aren’t in the magazine, so even subscribers will find something new.
If you simply can’t get enough horse discussion, is an online resource full of discussions, tips, and news from all areas of the horse owner community. The site is divided into English and Western disciplines, so there’s something for every type of rider to enjoy.