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  • Astros ARE Houston: Resilient, diverse team embodies their hometown!

    If Houston wouldn’t let a hurricane beat it, you think the New York Yankees stood a chance? Poor Yankees … they weren’t beaten by 25 baseball players. They lost to an entire city picking itself up off the canvas. They lost to a tidal wave of emotion, an unstoppable force that would not be denied. […]

  • 3 biggest problems with the new ban on texting in Texas

    With all the hubbub in Texas over bathroom bills and whatnot, one bill that quietly swooped into place is a statewide ban on texting and driving. It goes into effect on September 1. Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill but with reservations. At a news conference, he expressed concerns that a city could usurp the state’s power and […]

  • Surprise! Queen of England loans Houston museum her tiniest royal elephant

    Best not tell little Prince George, but Houston has Queen Elizabeth’s lost elephant and we’re not only giving it a royal reunion fit for a king, we’re keeping it for a year. Let’s back up because this elephantine tale of how a rediscovered Peter Carl Fabergé “Surprise” ended up the Houston Museum of Natural Science […]