China Cottage: Your New Favorite Take-Out Spot in Katy

Since opening in 2007, China Cottage has been serving a blend of Chinese regional cuisines to happy Katy customers. The restaurant does a brisk lunch business, and its lunch specials are a very good deal, combining an entree dish with rice, crab rangoon, and your choice of soup. Dinner at China Cottage is a more relaxed affair, but not because there are fewer customers; diners just have more time to linger over their meals after the workday is finished. Large portions and reasonable prices mean that it can be easy to over-order and end up with lots of leftovers, but that’s not a problem when the food is this good.

The dining room is bright and open, while the service is fast, friendly, and attentive, so dining in is always a pleasure. But sometimes you just need to eat your Chinese food while sitting on your own couch watching a movie. If it’s one of those days, China Cottage’s take-out service is the answer.

China Cottage
637 South Mason Road
Katy, TX 77450
(281) 492-7832